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Held at the National Orange Show (NOS) Events Center in Southern California, this two-day blind tasting is held in April with awards of Bronze, Silver, Gold, Best of Class, Best of Show and Grand Champion.

Our judges include winemakers, educators, restaurateurs, sales professionals, and journalists. We attempt to balance our judging panels with a representative of each discipline while having a member from most wine growing regions as well.

All bonded wineries, importers, licensed negociants and custom crush growers that make their wines commercially are welcome to compete. All countries are included.

The invitational guidebooks are published in mid-January and the competition is held in April. The results are published within two days of the conclusion of the competition with the medals distributed within two weeks.

Interested in Submitting Your Wine?

You will need to follow the Pacific Rim Wine Competition Entry Guidelines.

You can also Download the 2020 Guidelines and Entry Packet here.

Competition Schedule of Activities

April 1, 2023

Due date for entry forms and entry fees (Send this information separately from wine.)

April 1, 2023

All wines need to be received by this date. Ship wines prepaid, including any custom fees. Dates are flexible with proper notice.

April 5 & 6, 2023

Wine Judging held at the NOS Events Center.

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